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CZS Cone crusher is generally used as a secondary crusher in a crushing circuit. Pre-crushed product (usually 3in minus depending on the cone crusher model) is fed through the top of the cone crusher and flows over the mantle. The vertical cone crusher drive shaft rotates the mantle eccentrically below the concave, or bowl liner, squeezing the product and crushing it between the mantle and concave. CZS Cone crushers are usually run on belt drives driven by an electric motor or diesel engine. CZS Cone crushers are used extensively throughout the aggregate and mineral processing industry.

stone crusher

1. Many types of cavity. The series of CZS Cone crusher owns special design, and the customer could select type of the cavity which has high efficiency, uniform granularity, good shape, uniform abrasion and long use life of bowl liner and mantle.
2. Dry oil seal prevents the dust. The series of CZS Cone crusher owns special seal structure, so it has credible seal effect, and prolongs the cycle of the lube and use life.
3. Special material is used to manufacture key assemblies to support large crush power.
4. Large capacity. Compared with other type of the crusher, the series of CZS Cone crusher has longer crush arm, larger stroke, larger crush power. It can crush the materiel more efficiently.
5. Every stroke crushes more materiel.
6. The crushing cone has long distance to bowl liner in every stroke, so the crusher allows more materiel to get into the cavity and produces larger capacity, and the materiel passes through the cavity more quickly.
7. Low cost of daily run and maintenance. Right manufacture material and structure are chosen to prolong the use life; the long crush arm reduces the load of slip bearing, gear, and shell; the granularity of the product is uniform which reduces the cycle load; the system of cleaning cavity with hydraulic pressure is convenient.

Working Principle

When the crusher works, the motor drives the eccentric cover to rotate by flexible coupling, transmitting shaft, and a pair of bevel gears. Crushing cone central line moves cyclically driven by eccentric cover, so the crushing wall and fragment wall sometimes approach to each other, and sometimes depart from each other. By doing this, materials are crushed between the crushing wall and fragment wall.

Main Specifications
Model Chamber Size Max Feeding
Adjusting Range
of Output Size(mm)
Overall Dimension
CZS36B Fine 85 9~22 45~91 75 14.5 2656×1746×2410
Coarse 150 13-38 59~163
Extra Coarse 152 25-38 118~163
CZS36D Fine 35 3~13 27~90 15
Medium 65 5~16 36~100
Coarse 85 6~19 59~129
CZS51B Fine 115 13~31 109~181 160 26.5 2958×2354×3156
Medium 178 16~38 132~253
Coarse 205 19~51 172~349
Extra Coarse 220 25~51 236~358
CZS51D Fine 54 3~16 36~163 27
Medium 76 6~16 82~163
Coarse 89 8~25 109~227
Extra Coarse 113 16~25 209~236
CZS66B Fine 178 16~38 181~327 220 51 3941×2954×3771
Medium 205 22~51 258~417
Coarse 228 25~64 299~635
Extra Coarse 313 38~64 431~645
CZS66D Fine 60 5~13 90~209 52
Medium 76 6~19 136~281
Coarse 113 10~25 190~336
Extra Coarse 125 13~25 253~336
CZS84B Fine 236 19~38 381~726 315 90 4613×3251×4732
Medium 284 25~51 608~998
Coarse 314 31~64 789~1270
Extra Coarse 391 38~64 880~1361
CZS84D Fine 89 5~16 190~408 92
Medium 113 10~19 354~508
Coarse 151 13~25 454~599
Extra Coarse 172 16~25 508~653

Note: Any Change Of Technical Data Shall Not Be Advised Additionally.

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